The Role of Dog Owners

As pet owners become more knowledgeable about animal health care, they have growing expectations regarding the level of care for their dogs. With the availability of canine rehabilitation services, we can better meet those expectations.

About K-9 Rehab
What is K-9 Rehabilitation

Canine rehabilitation applies human physical therapy principles and techniques to the canine patient.


Rehabilitation therapy addresses orthopedic injuries, neurologic dysfunction, chronic arthritic conditions, ageing issues and performance difficulties. A thorough examination is performed in order to identify issues with joints, muscles or nerves and an individualized treatment plan is designed to address these issues. A treatment plan may include soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, functional training, neuromuscular re-education, agility simulation activities or modalities such as electrical stimulation or laser.

The goal of physical rehabilitation is to maximize function by promoting a rapid recovery after injury or surgery, slowing down the progression of chronic diseases, or training for peak performance.

Canine rehab therapists work collaboratively with veterinarians to offer the best in rehabilitation care.