Talk to your vet about Canine Physical Therapy

Insofar as Canine Physical Therapy is a relatively new field, some veterinarians may have limited knowledge about the services I provide and their benefits. Please feel free to direct your vet to this Web site or to encourage him or her to contact me directly.

About K-9 Rehab
How Do I Get Physical Therapy for my Dog?

1. Visit your veterinarian first.

I am not a veterinarian. So be sure to start with a visit to your veterinarian for an evaluation to determine if there are any medical concerns that need to be addressed prior to starting physical therapy.

2. Obtain a Signed Vet Referral Form.

Request that your veterinarian sign the Vet Referral Form provided on this Web site. Download and print it out now, and be sure to take it with you to your dog's appointment. For the safety of your dog, New Hampshire law mandates that a canine rehabilitation therapist receive a written referral from a licensed veterinarian prior to evaluating and treating any dog. If your vet has any questions or concerns regarding physical therapy for your dog, I am happy to speak with him or her at any time.

3. Call to set up an appointment.

Once you have obtained a signed Vet Referral Form, call or e-mail me, and we will set up an appointment at your convenience.

4. Fill in the Client Registration Form.

Please download, print and fill out our Client Registration Form. At our first appointment, I will review both your completed Client Referral Form and the Vet Referral Form with you in order to obtain a clear and comprehensive understanding of your dog's current and past health history.